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Sweet wines from Heart Gates Vineyard

A sweet new vineyard is growing in Shreveport.

Shreveport’s newest wine star, Heart Gates Vineyard, is the brainchild of Robert E. Lewis. He’s a grandson of Sicilian immigrants and knows the value of family. He’s bringing this value of family togetherness to the community with this new venture. The business gets its name from the two old iron gates at the entrance to his farm which have hearts fashioned into the iron work.

Since starting in 2015, Heart Gates Vineyard currently produces 2 varieties of wines.

Heart Gates Vineyard

The first is a Blanc Du Bois dry white wine. It’s similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. Robert says it’s best with Italian dishes like pizza and Chicken Parmesan and spicy foods.

If you fancy a Riesling, try the Blanc Du Bois Semi Sweet. This wine goes great with spicy Louisiana cuisine. Try it at your next crawfish boil. Or maybe pair it with Chinese food.

Robert uses the Blanc du Bois grape at his vineyard due to its ability to grow quite well in the southern United States. The flavor can be described as a mix of honeysuckle, peach, and pear.

The future is looking bright for Heart Gates Vineyard. Robert is planning a series of “Song and A Bottle.” This event allows people to come together like a big family for a fun evening with food, beer, and Heart Gates Vineyard wine. Part of the fun is collaboration between the group and a local songwriter to create a new musical piece. There is a charge and you can find out more and register here.

Plans are underway for a tasting room coming in the latter part of 2018. You’ll be able to sample wine while looking out at the rows of grapes.

Heart Gates Vineyard wines can be found at a few locations. Click here to find the location nearest you. Check with your favorite restaurant as well and see if they will carry the wine.

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