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Win Big Ribbons at the State Fair

Ever wonder how to win a State Fair ribbon? Find out how you can enter.

Win Big Ribbons at the Louisiana State Fair!

Who wouldn’t want a big shiny ribbon to hang up on their wall? With all the time you spent in the house during the pandemic, you most likely picked up some new hobbies! So put your new skills to the test at the 115th edition of the Louisiana State fair this year!

Cathy Judd of the LSU AgCenter says, “We are hoping that because people have had more times on their hands and picked up more hobbies, maybe there will be more participants at this year’s fair.”

There are eight competitive categories/divisions you can enter at the 2021 Louisiana State Fair. The list includes:

  • Paintings
  • Miscellaneous/Bazaar
  • Clothing
  • Photography
  • Arts & Crafts (Youth)
  • Forestry
  • Hunting
  • Food Preservation
  • Home Accessories

Make sure to submit your competitive exhibits by Thursday, October 21st! You can drop them off at Noon until 5:30 P.M. You can also mail your submission to the state fair office. If you choose this route, make sure you have a label with your address and a return postage stamp.

Are you Qualified?

If you are a resident of the Ark-La-Tex (Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana), You can participate in the state fair this year and win a big blue or purple ribbon.

If you have a child wanting to enter, they must be between 9 – 13 years old. The next age category is 14 – 18 years old. “We have those groups divided, so nine-year-olds are not competing with 18-year-olds,” says Cathy Judd. The last age group is for Adults 19 and older.

What to do if you want to win!

  • Submit original work.
  • Do not submit any type of “kit.”
  • Do not submit work from the previous year.

For a complete list of rules and guidelines, click here.

And the Winner is…

Everyone who enters gets a participation ribbon.

The grand champion winner receives $25- $30 and the most oversized ribbon of them all.

Judging takes place on October 22nd. The judging process is not open to the public. Your submissions will be on display at the fair on the first day on October 28th – November 14th. On November 15th, participants can pick up their submissions from Noon – 5 P.M. At the end of the state fair, remember to pick up your submission or supply label and postage to have it returned to you. If you don’t, your creation becomes the property of the State Fair.

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