Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Shreveport's local coffee roaster shows you how to make a special iced coffee.

Peter Lyons of Lyons’ Pride Coffee demonstrates how to make a tasty Vietnamese Iced Coffee for a refreshing summer drink.


2 Tbsp. course ground (slightly smaller than French press) Red River Blend from Lyons Pride Coffee. Or any medium to dark roast coffee.

1 heaping Tbsp. sweetened condensed milk. Adjust to your taste.

4-5 oz. hot water (around 205°)

4-5 oz. ice


  1. Remove the top coffee plate from Vietnamese Coffee Press. Place coffee in press and tighten the top plate on the press (this flattens the coffee creating an even coffee bed)
  2. Pour 1/3 of the hot water over the coffee and let sit 20-30 seconds (this will allow for the coffee to absorb water and create an even extraction)
  3. Unscrew top filter plate 2 full turns and pour hot water to top water mark on press. Let sit for 30-45 sec. (this will allow the coffee to absorb water and create an even extraction)
  4. Add ice to 8-10oz shaker
  5. Pour heaping tablespoon of condensed milk over ice
  6. When all of the water is gone from the coffee press, pour coffee into shaker. Shake well.
  7. Serve and enjoy the Vietnamese Iced Coffee

About Lyons’ Pride Coffee

Peter Lyons’s knowledge of coffee is extensive and impressive. He’s bringing his coffee wisdom to Shreveport in the forms of a coffee roastery (opening soon) and informational seminars. You can buy his coffee directly from his website. Contact him through his Facebook page to find out about his blends and order some amazing coffee or inquire about demonstrations and tastings.