Tips for saving energy in the cold

Extreme temperatures often put an increase demand on the power grid. In times of below freezing weather, all of us are trying to stay warm and with so many heating units running, the stress could lead to rolling outages or worse. Here’s a few energy saving tips to reduce your power consumption so we all have a better chance to keep the power on.

In the kitchen…

Don’t run the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. These conveniences often pull a lot of electricity. Wash your dishes by hand and hold off doing laundry until the weather improves.

Use the oven only for cooking. Think about baking at different hours instead of around lunch or dinnertime.

Next time you are in the market, check out the energy rating on appliances.

Let cold water drip from faucets with the cabinet doors open. It relieves pressure on the system and could prevent pipes bursting. Make sure the faucet the farthest away from your water source is dripping. Read more about the physics and why we let the faucets drip here.

If you have a fireplace…

Keep the fireplace damper closed unless there is a fire burning. If you have an air-tight door in the front, close it as well

If you start the fireplace, open the dampers in the bottom of the firebox or open a nearby window slightly. Close doors leading into the room where the fireplace is.

Windows can be your friend and enemy…

If it is sunny out, open blinds and curtains on all south facing windows during the day. Make sure to close them as the sun goes down.

Check and seal air leaks around windows.

Around the house…

Turn off or unplug appliances and lights when not being used.

Turn the thermostat down to 68 degrees or cooler.

Plug space heaters directly into a wall outlet. Never use an extension cord.

Replace your air filter. Dirty filters makes your heating system work harder.

In the bathroom…

Do not use the overhead fan. That sucks the warm air out of your home.

Also take shorter showers. Afterwards, open the door to let the warm air filter around the house.

More helpful energy saving tips…

Head over to AEP Swepco’s site for instructional videos and more here.

If your power goes out…

There are some reports of rotating controlled power outages during this Arctic blast. Check your outages here.

If you are experience an outage not listed on the site above, report the outage to your electric company

Cleco – 1-800-622-6537 or through your online Cleco account or text OUT to 25326 (message and data rates apply), monitor this page for outages.

AEP Swepco – Report it through the Swepco app or online, and monitor this page for controlled outages

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