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Time for a Comeback for the McRib Season

Diehard McRib lovers now have Monday, November 1, 2021 marked on the calendars because it’s time for McRib season at McDonald’s. For a limited time, fans can devour the seasoned boneless pork patty covered in BBQ sauce and topped with slivered onions and tart dill pickles, all on a homestyle bun.

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of the beloved sandwich and it’s notoriety and popularity continues to grow. “In the 80s, the masterminds behind McDonald’s food innovation had a truly unique idea: an undeniably delicious sandwich that could be enjoyed during the colder seasons,” said Mike Bullington, Senior Archives Manager at McDonald’s. “Whether you’re a McRib loyalist or first timer, there is no denying that the McRib is one of the most iconic sandwiches of the last four decades and we have thousands of emails and tweets from fans to prove it.”

Along with the press release announcing the return of the McRib they included some interesting facts from over the years…

McRib is Born: In a decade known for its big hair and bigger innovations, the McRib made its debut in Kansas City, Kansas in 1981 and was brought to life by a former McDonald’s President and Executive Chef. The totally tubular debut of the future icon forever changed the hearts and tastebuds of McDonald’s fans around the world and a true 80’s baby was born.

McRib Season TimeMcRib Hits it Big: In the 1990’s, the McRib grew in popularity as a nationwide menu offering. The boneless pork sandwich was even paired with the promotion of a major motion picture in 1994.

McRib Season TimeMcRib Y2-BBQ: The legend of the McRib leveled up in the early 2000s with innovations like the McRib Jr. in 2001. The sandwich became a fixture of pop culture after being parodied by a popular animated TV show in 2003.

#McRibSZN: McRib fans unite! The boom of social media connected fans around the world through their love of the saucy sandwich. Between 2010-2012 the hype around the McRib’s seasonal return gave birth to the phrase ‘McRib Season,’ a time that McRib lovers anxiously await every year.

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