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This Museum Tells Visitors: ‘Go Fish’

While travelling through east Texas, host Molly McKinney stopped by the Freshwater Fisheries Center.

While travelling through east Texas, The Southern Weekend host Molly McKinney stopped by the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TTFC) to get a look at their museum and hatchery and they told her to “Go Fish.”

See fishes of all sizes that call the Lone Star State home including the largest fish, the Alligator Gar. Or watch scuba divers feed the fish in the Dive Theater. Check their website for dive times and admission. Be sure to check out the alligators and see the record holders for the biggest catches in the Hall of Fame. Anglers will love the antique lures collection. Plus, see the fish hatchery where they raise the fish that end up in Texas waterways. There’s over 300,000 gallons of aquarium to view.

There’s more outdoors! You can even go fish for free at the museum. No experience required as you try to catch and release a rainbow trout or channel catfish. Also, take a stroll along the wetlands trail to see native flora and fauna and visit the conservation center.

The TTFC participates in the free fishing days in June as well as other events during the year including 4th of July and Halloween.

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