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Poll: Which of the two types of Crawfish eaters are you?

When it comes to eating Crawfish we have found that there are two types of eaters. Those who stack their empty crawfish shells neatly in rows, and those who just pile the eaten crawfish on top of each other.  So which one are you? Vote below!


WATCH: Quickly and easily de-vein your Crawfish!

Don’t forget! Mudbug Madness happens every Memorial Day Weekend!

two types crawfish eaters

Crawfish or mudbugs or crayfish are a staple of many in Louisiana, especially during the lent season. It’s the right time of year to harvest the little crustaceans. Over a million pounds are raised and sold every year. Prices can vary due to the size of the harvest and many factors go into the size of the critters. The amount of rain and the temperatures affect their growth.

Many crawfish boils contain corn on the cob and potatoes but many more ingredients can be tossed into the pot including peppers, celery and more. But if you know crawfish eaters, what they do with the remains can be classified in one of two types. Stacking or piling are acceptable. As long as you enjoy the meaty fillings and if you’re brave enough, you can suck the heads.

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