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The Shreveport Little Theatre 100th Season

For 100 years, the Shreveport Little Theatre has been a beacon of art and performances in the Ark-La-Tex. For its 1latest season, they plan several amazing shows. Buy a season membership and save some money over regular show prices. All shows can be seen at the theatre at 812 Margaret Place just south of downtown Shreveport.

This comedy tells the exploits of bachelor Bernard and his three female flight attendants with frequent “layovers.” Will his love life crash and burn?

Shreveport Little Theatre 100

While visiting a fishing lodge in rural Georgia, an Englishman who is super shy pretends to not understand English. Hilarity ensues as he overhears more than he should.

Based on the classic film, two vets follow a duo of singing stars. Hear seventeen of Irving Berlin’s famous songs.

A comedy/drama that shows the disappearance of small town America in the 1960s. Seen through the eyes of a World War I veteran.

Shreveport Little Theatre 100

The adventures continue for the Wonderettes but will one of them choose the allure of fame over her friends?

But Wait! There’s more to celebrate the 100 years of the Shreveport Little Theatre!

The Shreveport Little Theatre also announced three Lagniappe shows. Tickets for these shows are $15.

This interesting performance asks what if Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. met in a Harlem hotel during the Civil Rights Movement.

Shreveport Little Theatre 100

A dark drama about sibling rivalry and hate.

This play explores a night in the life of famed columnist Ann Landers as she writes one of the most important letters of her career.

Attend one or more of these shows and we can help ensure the Shreveport Little Theatre to last another 100 years!
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