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The haunted hotel of Homer

If you visit the Herbert S. Ford Memorial Museum, you might hear from someone dead for over 80 years.

In 1890, workers completed construction on The Hotel Claiborne in downtown Homer, La. For the time, the 23 rooms on the second floor were considered some of the nicest in the area. Since then, several businesses have come and gone. Now, the Herbert S. Ford Memorial Museum showcases the history of Homer and the North Louisiana Hill Country. One of the exhibits brings you back to the 19th century with a hotel room from the Hotel Claiborne.

Hotel Claiborne room
Recreation of a room at the Hotel Claiborne

The Haunted Hotel of Homer

With such a long history, many believe that more than just the living visit the museum. According to Project Director Linda Volentine, several instances have happened to make her believe in the supernatural. While the building was undergoing renovations in the 1980s to become the museum, workers heard footsteps upstairs although no one was working up there. The construction crew called the police.

Died too young

James Brythal Knighton

One ghost that visits the museum is James Brythal Knighton. He unexpectedly died at 23 of appendicitis on September 25, 1907. Volentine believes that Brythal “just missed out on so much of his life, he hasn’t been ready to give it up yet.” The reason why she believes Brythal haunts the Hotel Claiborne comes from one experience a few years ago. While working on the second floor on a new project,she removed Brythal’s picture from the wall. She heard someone call her name from downstairs. She went downstairs yet found no one. When she returned, she sat down, looked over and saw Brythal’s picture. She realized that he wanted to be put on display again. His picture now hangs on display near the entrance.

Visit the Herbert S. Ford Memorial Museum on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm. Admission is $5 for families, $1 – Children, $3 – Adults. Find the museum on the downtown square in Homer.

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Homer honors it history at the Herbert S. Ford Memorial Museum