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‘Tex Mex’ vs. ‘Authentic’: Who Ya Got?

In the land of Tex Mex, this place is cooking up authentic tacos just like they do in Mexico City.

While in Fort Worth, Texas, Molly McKinney stopped by Salsa Limon to find out what the differences are between Tex Mex vs. Authentic Mexican cuisine. In the land of Tex Mex, this place is cooking up authentic tacos just like they do in Mexico City.

These delicious, fresh tacos continue to score major hits.  Though there’s still something to be said for the old-school style of traditional Tex Mex.

Frank Sigala, owner of Salsa Limon, says that “the Tex Mex feel is that it takes more towards the fried side. You have queso and all these ingredients, like a pizzeria equivalent of the taco.” Interesting.

If that’s the case, then what does an authentic Mexico City taco taste like? A Mexico City taco has all sorts of fresh ingredients that are traditional in Mexico like tripe and tongue, and that you won’t see in America.

Salsa Limon is a special restaurant because they take recipes that have existed for centuries and deliver them again and again. They serve authentic Mexican tacos in a place where you’d normally be catered with Tex Mex.

After explaining these differences, Frank shows us the process they use to cook one of their signature dishes. The El Capitan starts with a tortilla buttered on both sides and on the grill. Next, they top it with cheese and let it sit for a second before flipping the tortilla. This melts some of the cheese onto the inside of the tortilla. Next on the list is adding the toppings to the tortilla. Starting with some carne asada (grilled and sliced beef), onions, cilantro, pickled cabbage, and spritzing some lime on top. All of these make for an unbelievably good taco.

So what’s the verdict: Are you team authentic or team Tex Mex?

Next time you visit a Tex Mex or Authentic Mexican restaurant like Casa Jimador, be sure to ask to see which menu items belong to which cuisine.

By the way, the taquito falls under the authentic Mexican cuisine.

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