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Take Flight Over Lafayette County

See the county from the air.

It’s one thing to drive and see the beauty of Lafayette County. It’s quite another thing to see it from the air. We traveled across the Arkansas county looking for incredible scenery and our drone took flight over Lafayette County to capture some stunning footage.

Some Lafayette County facts…

It is the smallest county in the state at 545.07 square miles. It beats Sebastian County by .97 square miles.

7,645 people call the parish home according to the 2010 census which makes it the third-least populated county in Arkansas.

The county is named for the French military hero of the Revolutionary War, the Marquis de Lafayette.

It was the 15th county created in the state on October 15, 1827.

Stamps is the largest town (population 1,964) and the county seat resides in Lewisville.

Other communities include: Bradley and Buckner.

Timber and agriculture constitute main industries of the county.

One of the most notable persons to hail from the county is Coach Charles McClendon who oversaw the LSU Tigers football team from 1962-1979.

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