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Strawn’s Ice Box Pies

One of the Ark-La-Tex's favorite desserts.

Ice box pies are synonymous with Strawn’s Eat Shop and Shreveport. The confection has become so popular that it has been featured several times in Southern Living magazine and on the Food Network. These simple yet extraordinarily delicious slices of yumminess have become a staple of many holiday dinners.

First thing to remember, everything is made by hand. Someone mixes, rolls out, and bakes the pie crusts. They slice the fruit by hand. They whip the topping from scratch. Ella Hamilton created the original recipes in the late 1950s. Most importantly, every pie maker creates each pie with love. Any of the three Strawn’s location can produce up to 30 a day. However, when it comes to the holidays, pie makers shift into overdrive. Each store can make over 500(!!) pies the day before Thanksgiving. They’ve seen customers walk out with more than 10 ice box pies at a time. Strawberry, by far, is the most popular flavor but they offer many more. Try the coconut, chocolate, butterscotch or banana pies. Seasonal pies pop up once in a while including lemon and peach.

If you’re looking to score points with friends and families, picking up one or more of these ice box pies is a guaranteed win. Stop by any of their three locations to savor a slice or pig out on a whole pie.

  • Strawn’s Eat Shop – 125 Kings Hwy., Shreveport
  • Strawn’s Eat Shop Too – 7803 Youree Dr., Shreveport
  • Strawn’s Eat Shop Also – 2335 Airline Dr., Bossier City

They may be famous for their pies, but their diner food tastes just as good and very filling. Check out what’s made them so popular here.