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Strawn’s Eat Shop: So Good

It's a Shreveport institution since 1944. We had to find what makes Strawn's Eat Shop so good.

If you lived in and around Shreveport for any length of time, you’ve heard about Strawn’s Eat Shop. It’s an icon of the local restaurant scene. It truly is world famous for being featured in notable places like “Southern Living” magazine in 1994, 2003, and 2009 as well as the Food Network in 2003. From a small restaurant that seated 50 people across from Centenary College, it has grown to 100 seats and two more locations in Shreveport and Bossier City. We wanted to know why Strawn’s has flourished over the 60 years.

The food…Biscuits Strawn's Eat Shop

Did you know the recipes have not changed since the early days? The fried chicken you order today is the same recipe from the 1950s when Lula McCoy first made it. Plus, it’s handmade. The pancake batter is made from scratch. Ms. Catherine still make her amazing biscuits from scratch at Strawn’s Eat Shop Also in Bossier. She’s been making it the same for over 25 years.

Enjoy a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, and potatoes along with a good cup of joe. It’s not fancy. It’s just good. The daily hot plate lunches continue to be the star attractions. Every day from 11:00am – 2:30pm you can fill up with home cooking. There’s also a regular menu featuring burgers and sandwiches.

And you absolutely, positively can not pass up the Ice Box Pies. Strawberry Ice Box pie Strawn's Eat ShopStrawberry is one of the most popular along with chocolate, banana, and coconut. Seasonal offerings include peach and lemon. Like everything else, it’s handmade. The strawberries are cut by hand. The whipped topping is made every day. All day long these delectable desserts are made, carried out to the ice box case, where anxious customers savor each sweet bite of their slice. Or better yet, people have been known to take a home a whole pie or 2 or 20+. When you take a bite, make sure you thank the woman behind this pie, Ella Hamilton.


The people…Miss June Strawn's Eat Shop

Family is at the heart of Strawn’s. In 1958, Gus Alexander bought the restaurant. He surrounded himself with good, hard working people like Lula, Ella, and “The great waitress,” Gladys Duncan. They passed on the recipes and the family atmosphere to today’s generation of Strawn’s owners and employees. The Gauthier family took ownership in 1988 and now the Gauthier siblings run a restaurant. Many employees have worked for more than 20 years together. That type of loyalty and love has made Strawn’s a place generations of family can call their second home.

Strawn’s Eat Shop shows no sign of slowing down. You might drive by and see the parking lot full of cars, but believe us when we say it’s worth the short wait. Find out more about Strawn’s history at their website.

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