St. Patrick’s Day Mischievous Leprechaun

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner so keep a eye out for the mischievous leprechaun! He might make a visit and cause a little bit of mess but he always leaves a yummy treat. Think of this as Elf on a Shelf but for St. Patrick’s day and no object that you have to move multiple times. Hope you get a visit from the St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun!

In elementary school I can always remember looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day. Mainly because I have red hair and am Irish, but I also loved that the leprechaun came to visit our classroom. Now we never saw him, but he would visit whenever we weren’t in the room. We always knew when he came because he would completely trash our room, by turning things upside down, throwing paper, writing on the board and leaving Lucky Charms for everyone to enjoy. Of course the teachers made a educational lesson with our snack that was left by the leprechaun. But it added to the fun of the day.

Over the years I have had a chance to do this fun day for kids when I was a daycare teacher and now I get to do it for my son! There are so many things you can do for this activity and it doesn’t have to be multiple times a day. I plan for the leprechaun to visit before my son wakes up and leave him breakfast and to wish him a great day we will also do a crafty with the Lucky Charms!

A few educational ideas…

If you want to add a educational element you can always have the kids categorize the marshmallows and make a graph or have them do math equations with the the amount of marshmallows (hearts + rainbows – red balloons).

If they are younger you could have them spell their name with the cereal and glue it on paper or glue the marshmallows to different shapes.

And if the leprechaun had fun and brought the giant box  you can always make Lucky Charm bars (rice crispy treats but with Lucky Charms) it will get your little ones involved in the kitchen!

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun

I hope you enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun tradition that I looked forward to each year. If you have a leprechaun come visit this year make sure you send us a picture! Have a Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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