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Spring Street Museum Ghost Stories

3 tales of paranormal activities in Shreveport's oldest building.

525 Spring Street in downtown Shreveport is home to the Spring Street Museum. It’s been standing in downtown for over 150 years. Inside you discover the history of Shreveport with artifacts from the Caddo Indians and a re-creation of a 19th century parlor with period furniture on the upper floor. See a sneak peek here. Curator Marty Loschen and Director Maria Schmelz will gladly take you on a tour. The museum hosts many special events. Follow them on Facebook. Working there is interesting. Both have experienced what could be called paranormal incidences. We asked to hear some of the museum ghost stories. Here are 3 of them.

  • The Open Door – The archive room sits off of the stairwell. The door has no knob, only a lock on it. So how does it open when the only person in the museum is sitting in their office upstairs? And keeps opening!
  • Who’s Walking Over Us? – One day, Maria and Marty were in the basement having a pleasant conversation. Then, out of the blue, they hear footsteps above them. Maria looked up and saw no one. The footsteps were walking to the Tally Bank section.
  • Annie’s Chair – One of Shreveport’s most notorious historical figures was Annie McCune. She was known as the “Shreveport Madam” and was ran one of the most successful brothels in the legal Red Light District. Even though many in the community reviled her, she was a strong supporter of women’s rights. She refused to have her picture taken but she is described as being a large woman with red hair. Her chair now resides in the upstairs parlor. See what happened when Maria failed to talk about the chair to a few visitors.

Don’t be dissuaded from visiting because of these museum ghost stories. The Spring Street Museum is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00am-4:00pm. Donations are appreciated.