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Spooky Halloween Fruit and Veggie Tray

Make a Halloween Fruit and Veggie Tray with your family for a spooky good time

Halloween is a time for trick-or-treating for candy as well as fun family time. Along with those activities, how about making a Halloween fruit and veggie tray with the kids. Not only is this a fun task to do with your little ones but a healthier alternative to eating candy.


2 Bananas

4 Blackberries

Stems from either peppers or cherries

1 Orange

2 Celery Sticks

Peanut Butter

Sliced Almonds

Cocoa Powder or Chocolate Chips

Cream Cheese (1 stick or 2/3 cup)

Red Food Coloring


First, make sure you have all your ingredients for each item for your fruit and veggie tray. Separate them on a table to keep yourself organized.

Spooky Pumpkins

First, you want to get your orange and celery pieces on your prep board. Use a knife and cut the orange in half. Then cut only the top portion part of the orange where the stem is. Replace then stem with your leftover celery pieces.


Get your 2 bananas, chocolate sauce, and almond halves and put it on your prep board. For this video, I used dry cocoa mix and followed the directions on the mix. But, you can use chocolate chips and melt them as well. First, peel your bananas and cut them each in half. Then use a spoon or if you use chocolate chips place them inside the bananas. For this video, I used the end of spoon to dip into the chocolate sauce and place three dots on each banana halves.


Place your blackberries and stems (legs) on prep board. For the stem (legs), you can use cherries or habanero pepper stems and pick them off and cut them in half to use for this fruit tray item. After that, grab each stem and put two on each side of the blackberries to create a mini spider. Pick the legs out before eating.

Creepy Fingers

Grab your celery sticks, peanut butter, and almond halves and place on prep board. For this video, I use dry peanut butter and added water but you can use the jar of peanut butter as well. Get your celery stick and use a spoon to spread peanut butter inside the celery stick. Once you’ve done that, then get your almond halves and place on top of celery stick.

Bloody Cream Cheese

First, you want to get your cream and cheese and red food coloring on the prep board. Place your cream cheese in a small bowl and place in the microwave for 1 minute so that it will melt. Once melted, use the food coloring and a decent amount onto it. Then, stir it all together until the cream cheese and red food coloring is mixed well.

The last thing you will do is plate each food item on your tray. I used a large plate but a food tray is ideal. I would recommend placing the bloody cream cheese first and then add the other food items however and wherever you would like. Happy Halloween and enjoy making this spooky Halloween treat!

Halloween Fruit and Veggie Tray

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