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Shreveport Little Theatre 100th Season

Congratulations on 100 years!

Shreveport Little Theatre celebrates its 100th Season

The Shreveport Little Theatre is a staple of the Shreveport community.  Three ladies who lived in the highland community, founded the theatre in 1922, 100 years ago. Now in 2021, they are celebrating their 100th season. Since their grand opening, thousands of Shreveporters, performers, and audience members have come through their doors. As well as cast and crew members who work on live productions.

It’s Show Time!

Shreveport Little Theatre has open auditions where anyone can attend. Casting roles are posted after auditions, then rehearsals take place for typically 6 weeks.  During that time, cast members memorize their lines and learn where they move on stage. Next, two weeks of production take place.

Robert Darrow, the Managing and Artistic Director says  “opening night is so exciting because a lot of families and friends are in the audience. Cast members are excited because it’s a chance for them to showcase their talents.”

The Shreveport Little Theatre produces 14 shows each year. Robert says that’s a lot of shows for a community theatre to produce. 2021 is the theatre’s centennial year. The theatre has several events planned including a documentary film showing and a gala at the east ridge country club in the spring.

Since the opening of Shreveport Little Theatre, many famous people have come through their doors, including Governor Jimmy Davis and  George Carland who stepped on stage when he was stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base.  “So many people got their start at Shreveport Little Theatre and several have gone on to be in Broadway shows” – Robert Darrow.


Shreveport Little Theatre is a place to learn because it’s an educational theatre and by its very nature a community theatre. Robert says Young actors work with veterans who have been ‘at it for 50 years.’ Sometimes people who have no experience are cast in leading roles.

The Show must go on!

The Shreveport Little Theatre managed to stay open longer than most community theatres in America. This theatre has stayed open through the great depression, World War II, two devastating fires, and a pandemic. See the schedule for the 100th season and details on how you can buy tickets here.

To attend a showing at Shreveport Little Theatre click here, or call 318-424-4439



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