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Seafood on the Bayou at Orlandeaux’s Cafe

It's not only a great restaurant but holds an important note in history.

Orlandeaux's Cafe Seafood

Are you ready to eat the best seafood on this side of the Bayou?

Well, you are in luck! Orlandeaux’s Cafe in Shreveport, Louisiana provides some of the best seafood you will ever eat in the Ark-La-Tex.

No matter what you’re craving, Orlandeaux’s Café will deliver. Whether Gumbo, Etoufee, or their famous stuffed shrimp, Orlandeaux’s Café will satisfy your taste buds. Every menu item is made from scratch with recipes passed down through five generations.

Orlandeaux’s Café was not always called Orlandeaux’s.

Willie Chapman,  known to the Shreveport/Bossier City community as “Brother” Chapman, was the son of Arthur “Scrap” Chapman, who was a second-generation partner with the late Pete Harris and the late Wilmer “Tody” Wallete, of the legendary Freeman & Harris Café’ that was founded in 1921 by their Uncles Van Freeman, Jr. and Jack Harris, who were also first cousins!

Orlandeaux's Cafe Seafood









While in high school, “Brother” Chapman began his career working at his father’s side at Freeman & Harris Cafe’ in the early 1950’s. The restaurant widely recognized for its delicious soul food like their stuffed shrimp, and peach pie. His father, “Scrap,” along with Pete Harris and the late Wilmer “Tody” Wallette, served as his culinary mentors. They taught “Brother” Chapman the majority of his skills of the trade. Peter Harris Cafe opened in 1993 and Brother’s Seafood opened in 2004.

Orlandeaux's Cafe Seafood

The Legacy Continues

Willie “Brother” Chapman passed on and his son, Orlando Chapman, took over the family business.

At 13 years old, Chef Orlando Chapman began working at Freeman and Harris washing pots and sweeping floors. Overtime the years, Chapman studied his father’s handwritten recipes and made them his own. In doing so, he has now become a celebrated chef.

He not only mastered the preparation of 80-year old recipes but also expanded his menu to include additional meals that he created.

In 2018, Orlandeaux’s Café opened to honor the life and legacy of Chef Orlando Chapman. The restaurant is now owned and ran by his son Damien “Chapeaux” Chapman.

If you want to take a bite of some real southern creole seafood cuisine, head over to Orlandeaux’s Cafe on 4916 Monkhouse Drive in Shreveport, Louisiana. When you come, don’t mind the wait because this is good food, not fast food. Due to Covid-19, the restaurant is doing “cardeauxservice” from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm. Just pull up to the drive-through and your made to perfection order will be brought to your car-deaux!

Orlandeaux's Cafe Seafood

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