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Sci-Port’s Gallery of Intrigue is ready to reopen

Sci-Port’s “Gallery of Intrigue” is ready to reopen on June 5 this 2020 year. Since the “stay at home” ruling in early March, Sci-Port had to do tentative reopening of their museum. The new Gallery of Intrigue along with six popular hands-on science displays will be open. In addition, the Children’s museum POP (Power of Play) will reopen. The IMAX Theater will be part of the “soft” opening on May 29th to watch films and science. Sci-Port Executive Director, Dianne Clark, stated ” These past ten weeks had a tough impact on Sci-Port while closed to the public, but with positivity and recharging behind the scenes, we made Sci-Port an even more exciting and engaging science learning center.”

Sci-Port's Gallery of Intrigue is ready to reopen

The new Gallery of Intrigue offers leaning experiences for people of all ages highlighting science development and history of Northwest Louisiana. The gallery starts with entering a three dimensional train station. The explorative walk-thru gallery features five different sections. The Dockside (inspired by steam wheelers). Investors Mansion (a two story mansion fa├žade based on the home of Captain Henry Miller Shreve). Cajun Cabin (inspired by the Louisiana Cajun Culture). In addition, the Audubon Sky and Cityscape 50′ tall mural. The mural also houses the “Peek A Boo” section which is a bird watching and identifying indigenous birds of our region.

This gallery was designed by both local artists and the Syracuse, New York based company, Museum of Intrigue. Check them out by clicking here. The exhibit uses realistic architectural props to challenge your mind through deductive and inductive reason skills and gamification. These experiential activities allow you to create your own adventures and solve mysteries while you play, explore, solve riddles, and discover 92,000 square feet of Sci-Port Discovery Center. Sci-Port will offer many challenging activities for individuals or as a team; all guided by a professional storyteller.

Sci-Port's Gallery of Intrigue is ready to reopen

When you come to enjoy these Louisiana influenced stories of history and science, protocols will still be maintained. They will have many sanitation stations, social distancing, staff will wear protective equipment, and encourage you to wear protective wear also. However, walk-ins are welcome and will be-redirect to different parts of the exhibits to make sure everyone is safe. To purchase tickets or get more information, visit their website

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