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Say No To Frosted Pint Glasses

Stop cheapening your craft beer.

They may seem cool and look cool (it is kept cold), but let’s have a conversation about frosted pint glasses, and what they’re really doing to your craft beer.

“The second you pour a craft beer into a frosted mug, you have released probably 80% of the carbonation of that beer,” says Richard Easterby, our craft beer expert from Craft Conundrum in Charleston, SC. Yes, you read that right. “All of the flavors that are in there, that acidity that we’re used to… we’re flattening that beer instantly.”

Not only that, we are probably serving them way too cold. Here are some recommended temperatures for your craft beers:

  • IPAs: 48° – 50°
  • Stouts: 55°
  • Sours: up to 65°

Check with your local craft beer maker and get their input.

Now you know! Go forth, and say no to frosted beer pint glasses for craft beer and enjoy the best craft beer has to offer.

Before you drink, make sure you know what to look for to find a dirty glass here.

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