Pieces of Pride: Celebrating Pride Month

To celebrate Pride Month, organizers of the Q-Prom hoped to build off the success of the 2019 event. However the Coronavirus forced ShrevePride Productions to come up with a creative way to connect the LGBT+ community in the Ark-La-Tex. Throughout June, co-founders Steven Knight, Nicole Ortiz and Sam Ortiz plan to have a month long series of free virtual events. Join the fun and discussions on their Facebook page.

Rainbow Pieces of Pride

Prep Parties and Important Issues

Every Friday, join the Facebook discussion for Pieces of Pride: Prep Parties.

  • June 5th with Vessel Vintage (Clothing)
  • June 12th with Joey Dauphine-Guin (Hair) and ZaZa Gigante (Makeup)
  • June 19th with Mallory Oswalt (Food)
  • June 25th with Brandon Manning (Cocktail)

During June, engage in important issues affecting the community. Lemon POP chats with Steven Knight about voting. Dr. Ly Pham chats with Nicole Ortiz about healthcare. Ashley Johnson chats with Sam Ortiz about intersectionality and race relations. Felicia Kay chats with Sam Ortiz about mental health.

The Big Event

Big Event Pieces of Pride

Finally, everyone is invited to the virtual Pieces of Pride party on Saturday, June 27. Watch drag performances by Mirage, Jade Summers, Lady Phat Kat, and Faye Hexx along with music performances by AJ Haynes of Seratones; Ansley Rimmer, Chris Rimmer and Hali Kha of Hydrogen Child; Frank Jones; and national acts sponsored by Q.97.3 FM. Lastly, the celebrations will conclude with The Morning After Party with Lyons Pride Coffee streamed live on Saturday, June 28th.

“The goal of ‘Pieces of Pride’ is to bring people together, to provide resources to the LGBT+ community, and to help out the LGBT+ creatives who have been impacted financially by COVID-19,” says co-founder Sam Ortiz.  am most excited to drive awareness of important topics such as healthcare, mental health, voting, and intersectionality/race during our live chats. This will be a really important moment to have frank discussions about things that affect the LGBT+ and educate those who are not as familiar with those issues.”

You can also support the LGBT+ community by making plans for the North Louisiana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

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