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Peeps Crocs for your feet

With warmer temperatures on the way, you’ll soon have be able to wear sandals more often. Just in time for Easter, Crocs released a new special set of footwear featuring their newest collaborators – Peeps. Yes. Now you can have Peeps Crocs for your feet.

The Peeps Crocs come in kids and adults sizes for your feet. Plus your choice of three vivid colors: traditional Peeps yellow, light blue and bright pink. Kids Peeps Crocs come with one Peeps-shaped Jibbitz charms while three Peeps grace the tops and sides of adult shoes. Online you can buy them for $39.99 for kids sizes (yellow only though) and $49.99 for adults. Check out your local Crocs retailer as well to try them on. These only come in their Classic Clog style and are limited edition so buy them fast.

This is not the first time Crocs collaborated with other chains. Earlier this year you could have purchased a pair of KFC Crocs or you can see their other works with the help of artists like Vera Bradley, Barneys New York and rock band KISS.

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Easter is coming. So are flavored Peeps

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