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Our Favorite Stories from 2020

Well 2020 didn’t turn out the way any of us expected. We had great plans to spread out across the Ark-La-Tex to highlight the best, craziest and coolest stuff out there for you. Alas. Due to Covid-19 we were shut in yet still continued to produce content. Here are our favorite stories from 2020.

Matthew Banks

Matthew Banks's Favorite

How to make sweet salt-water taffy

Salt Water Taffy. ‘Nuff said

Jeff Dillard

Jeff Dillard's Favorite

Beat pesky carb cravings with Keto Waffle Bread

It’s a family recipe still used today and Jeff’s daughter helped make the waffles you see in the video.

Robert Streeter

Robert Streeter's Favorite

Explore the Museum of Measurement and Time

I was expecting a small place with a few clocks but the Museum of Measurement and Time is HUGE! You can spend hours there listening to Johnny’s stories. It’s worth the time (pun intended).

Tori Thomas Celebrating 2nd anniversary

Tori Thomas's Favorite

Fun and More at the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club

The hosts were fun to interview and I like introducing hidden gems to residents in the Ark-La-Tex to enjoy. With everything that happened in 2020 it’s important to find something to laugh about.

Kaylynn Craig

Kaylynn Craig's Favorite

Hamburger Cookies that are soooo cute!

I loved putting the Hamburger Cookie video together because it is a half way homemade recipe that I remember making as a kid. Now that I am older I love that it is something simple and anyone any age can help with this recipe.

Jeffrey Goodwin Celebrating 2nd anniversary

Jeff Goodwin's Favorite

DIY: Hummingbird Feeder

I liked the hummingbird feeder story because it was just such a fun craft to do and you really could do it with just stuff around your house mostly. And it turned out so pretty!

All of us at the Ark-La-Tex Weekend would like to thank Matthew Banks and Jeff Dillard for their service, ideas, creativity and support. They've created memorable stories and we wish them luck in 2021 and beyond!