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New combatants in the chicken sandwiches conflict

Remember back in 2019 when Popeye’s released their chicken sandwich and people lost their minds for it? Well it started a new war over chicken sandwiches. Now three major fast food chains have or are releasing new chicken sandwiches to stake their claim. All of these fast food chains have had chicken sandwiches before but with the success of Popeye’s a few made tweaks. Let’s take a look at what’s out there and what’s coming out.


One of the original places for a chicken sandwich. They’ve been cranking out these simple sandwiches with breaded, pressure cooked chicken breasts inside a buttered bun with pickles since 1964.


When their latest chicken sandwich appeared in August 2019, drive thru lines snaked out on to busy streets. Many Popeye’s sold out fast. Last November, they returned to much less fanfare and you can still order them today.


Not much has changed yet about Arby’s Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich. They use a buttermilk breaded chicken fillet along with tomatoes, shredded lettuce and mayo.

Golden Chick

They proudly serve the Big & Golden sandwich. They fry their chicken breast and the slather on their signature Lotta Zing Sauce and five pickle slices.

Church’s Chicken

Their chicken sandwich debuted in October 2020. They spread their honey butter on the insides of the brioche bun and add pickles and mayo to the chicken breast fillet sandwich.

New in 2021

new chicken sandwiches
The new Crispy Chicken Sandwich Photo Source: McDonald’s


In early January, the Colonel launched his Crispy Colonel Sandwich. Inside the brioche bun is a quarter pound double breaded extra crispy filet with pickles and choice of classic or spicy mayo. This sandwich is only available until the end of February 2021 and only in select restaurants.

Burger King

Since 2109, they’ve been experimenting with a hand breaded chicken breast sandwich with pickles and a signature sauce. They announced on February 17 that the sandwich will be coming out across the country later this year.


A new Crispy Chicken Sandwich comes out on February 24, 2021. It’s an all white meat chicken fillet with crinkle cut pickles, a buttered potato roll and Spicy Pepper Sauce. The Golden Arches had a promotion for a day early access to the sandwich along with a record single with Tay Keith and a hoodie on February 18. It sold out within a minute.


In 1996, the chicken sandwich became part of the permanent menu for the chain. In December 2020, they updated their chicken sandwich with pickles and mayo. This week a new Jalapeño Popper Sandwich started rolling out. Brace yourself for jalapeño cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, their bacon, cheddar cheese sauce and jalapeños (of course). Available for a limited time.

Taco Bell

On February 22, news leaked about Taco Bell experimenting with a Fried Chicken sandwich in a tortilla in Charlotte and Nashville.

Nutritional Info Comparison

  • Chick-fil-A (Original Chicken Sandwich) 440 Calories, 17g fat, 41g carbs and 29g protein
  • Popeye’s (Classic Chicken Sandwich) 699 Calories, 42g fat, 50g carbs (no protein info found)
  • Arby’s (Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich) 510 Calories, 25g fat,  48g carbs and 24g protein
  • KFC (Crispy Colonel’s Sandwich) 470 Calories, 24g fat, 39g carbs, 24g protein
  • Church’s Chicken (Chicken Sandwich Original) 650 Calories, 34g fat, 53g carbs, 32g protein
  • Burger King (Current Crispy Chicken Sandwich) 670 Calories, 41 g fat, 54g carbs and 23 g protein
  • McDonald’s (New Crispy Chicken Sandwich) 470 Calories, 20g fat, 45g carbs and 27g protein
  • Wendy’s (Classic Chicken Sandwich) 490 Calories, 21 g fat, 49g  carbs and 28g protein
  • No nutritional information was found for Golden Chick’s Big & Golden sandwich

If you’re looking for a healthy fried chicken sandwich, your best bet is heading over to Chick-fil-A with the fewest calories, fat and carbs. The most unhealthy turns out to be Popeye’s with them leading in the Calories and fat sections.

You could always make your buttermilk fried chicken for your own sandwiches.