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Nature and photography is a beautiful combination

Nature and Photography are a great way to connect to wildlife.

The beautiful combination of wildlife animals and photography is a great way to enjoy creativity outdoors. A fun fact is that June 15th is National Nature Photography Day. The day, designed by the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), promotes the enjoyment of nature and explains how images advance the cause of conservation and protect plants, wildlife, and landscapes both locally and globally.

Wildlife and Photography is a beautiful combination
Photo captured by: Dot Rambin

“You must have patience when trying to get the right picture of an animal,” says Red River National Wildlife Ranger Terri Jacobson. When you are photographing wildlife it can be quite difficult. Terri Jacobson says that knowing the habitat on which the animal resides is important. This takes research to get a really great picture of wildlife. There is great benefits on connecting with the natural world. As you photograph animals, especially if you are waiting awhile, you can learn there habits and connect and learn from them in the process. When you think of wildlife you may think mammals such as lions, bears, deer’s. But, insects are animals as well to get great pictures of.

Wildlife and Photography is a beautiful combination
Photo captured by: Janet Creech

Birds, butterflies, caterpillars, and insects are natural sights that are closer to you than you think. “We often forget about the little ones we don’t see,” says Terri Jacobson. Insects are very interesting to take pictures of some are easier than others but they are apart nature. They can also be found in your backyard and in the trees so you don’t have to go far to find them. However, you will need patience, a watchful eye, and a camera in order to capture them because most are hidden.


Wildlife and Photography is a beautiful combination
Photo captured by: Ronnie Maum

The Red River National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to exercise your nature and wildlife photography skills. When you are visiting the refuge, they do have a few rules.

  1. The Refuge closes at dark so visiting must be during open daylight hours only.
  2. No drones (no drone assisted video/photography) allowed
  3. When photographing the animals, please be respectful of them and don’t chase them down or get too close.

To learn more about the refuge, you can visit their website here and check out their Facebook page by clicking here. Enjoy the nature around you and make an activity or read about wildlife. It will help especially when you want to get an incredible image of an animal.

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