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Look Out For Mischievously Delicious Loki Charms

The God of Mischief has struck again! For a limited time, the Lucky Charms we all know and love have shape-shifted into a new mischievously delicious form. General Mills cereal is releasing a limited-edition Mischievously Delicious Loki Charms box on Wednesday June 9 to celebrate the release of Marvel Studios’ Loki on Disney+. Don’t worry the cereal and marshmallows are still the same, just the box has a new name and design.

You can get your box of Loki Charms by going here. They go on sale starting at 10:00am CT. Be quick because I am sure they will disappear before you know it! I’ve heard they are mischievously delicious! Only 3,500 boxes available so be ready. A presale for people who guess the encryption password begins at 8:00am CT.

Grab a bowl of Mischievously Delicious Loki Charms and watch Loki Original Series streaming on Disney+ June 9. I have my plans for Wednesday night!

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