Make Your Own Fried Oreos

Our friends at Peaches Corner show us how to take Oreos to a new level

You see them at fairs and on the dessert menus of several restaurants around the area. Briggs Dickerson, manager of Peaches Corner in Myrtle Beach, SC, shows you how to take her Fried Oreos to the next level.


Pancake Batter (store bought or homemade)

Double Stuffed Oreos. Because why would you not?


Make the pancake batter according to store-bought directions or your own family recipe. You want to keep it a little thick so it’ll stick to the Oreo. Dunk the Oreo completely into the batter. Then gently put it in oil, around 375 degrees. Let them cook for 20 seconds on each side then remove from the oil. Place on paper towel to get rid of excess oil. Sprinkle with a dusting of powdered sugar and serve. (But you may want to let them cool for just a little while if you can wait that long.) They also go great served warm with a cold scoop of French Vanilla ice cream.

Enjoy Fried Oreos on National Oreo Day which is March 6.

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