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Bringing Texas BBQ to Southerners

Introducing Texas-style BBQ to the people of Charleston.

Lewis Barbecue has wasted no time turning pork-loving Southerners into fans of Texas-style BBQ. What’s the difference? Well in Texas, they love to use beef as the primary meat for barbecues. In the Southeast, you see more pork products on the grill.

Led by Owner/Pitmaster John Lewis, this Charleston, South Carolina staple is best known for its signature dry-rubbed smoked beef brisket. Host Molly McKinney sits down with John to talk Texas-style BBQ, and find out first-hand what it’s all about.

Lewis starts the brisket with a good dry rub which includes a lot of salt and pepper and other spices (which he won’t tell us). Secondly, start them cooking on low heat and end on high heat. When it’s time to eat, another tip from the pitmaster is to leave the silverware alone. Good brisket requires no knife and will fall apart real easy.

Introducing new BBQ cuisine works both ways. Compliment the Texas brisket that Southerners are falling in love with by whipping up this South Carolina mustard BBQ sauce.

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