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Last Minute DIY Grandparents’ Day Projects

Since 1978, Grandparents’ Day falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Of course it is a day to celebrate the relationships between grandkids and their grandparents. What better way to celebrate than to let the kids make something fun! Here are a few DIY projects that kids can do for Grandparents’ Day.


Helping Hands – Add a handprint to a oven mitt. Find some certified non-toxic paint and an oven mitt.

Mail a hug – Along the same line as adding handprints to fabric, we found that this project will really tug at the heart strings if grandparents live far away (and will work for next door Maw-Maws and Paw-Paws). First make handprints on some thick, heavy weight paper. Cut out 2 handprints and attach with a ribbon, put in a card and send to a loved one.

Grandparents’ Day Photo Cube – Get a wooden cube and paint whatever color. Take pictures you already have of the grandkids with the grandparents and cut them down to size. Modpodge pictures to different sides of the cube. This would make a terrific First Grandparents’ Day gift. if you don’t have enough pictures, you can always paint some of the cube sides like the letter blocks we use to play with as a kid.

Stepping Stones – Many local craft stores have easy kits to buy. Pick up a kit and follow the instructions. This project can be time consuming to let dry, so plan accordingly. It was a little difficult to keep a 2-year-old hand still long enough for the cast to harden. This craft can take a couple of days to complete.


I Love You to Pieces – Decorate a picture frame with puzzle pieces and add a picture.

Garden Pot – Decorate a flower pot and then go pick out an herb or edible flower plant or a plant that is easy to grow. If either grandparent likes to cook, they’ll love the fresh herb. Looking for flowers to give them, try Forget-Me-Nots. They are the official flower of Grandparents’ Day.

Story Book  – Let the child write and illustrate a story/poem about your grandparents.

Coffee Mugs – Decorate coffee mugs with Sharpies (Oil based). Bake in oven at 350° for 30 minutes.

Test Their Baking Skills – Parents can help the kids but a nice batch of cookies or muffins will bring a smile to NaNa.


Spend time with the grandparents! The memories will last and be extra special for all concerned.

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