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The History and Style of Kentucky Derby Hats

Look your best with the right hat.

When Kentucky Derby patrons are not checking out the impressive race horses, they are no doubt scanningĀ all the impressive derby headgear. Hats have always been a signature accessory among the derby crowd and Molly McKinney received a lesson in picking out the right hat for the race.

The big brimmed “Southern Belle” hats remain the classic derby lid. They provide excellent shade. Lately, however, fascinators have become the rage. These are smaller and can still be stylish.

Hats date back to the beginning of the Kentucky Derby in the 1800s. The trend took off as many thought a stylish hat brought good luck to them.

There are two arguments for Kentucky Derby wear. Should you start with the hat before getting the rest of your derby outfit? If you love the hat, you will have to find the right dress to go with it. Many find it easier to custom design a hat based off the dress. Got more questions? Check out the suggestions for headwear from the Kentucky Derby. Be warned, these Kentucky Derby hats can get awfully pricey. Say, up to $1,000!

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A Celebration of The Kentucky Derby

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