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Keeping Your Christmas Tree Healthy

Get the most out of your living Christmas tree.

Buying your real Christmas tree is the easy part. Now you have to keep it alive and healthy throughout the holiday season! From what you need to do before even putting the tree in the stand, to some myths you can do without, Julie has you covered. She visited Toogoodoo Tree Farm in South Carolina to find out to keep Christmas trees healthy.

Here’s a run down of some tips for a healthy tree from the pros:

1. Keep it watered & get a fresh cut.

This tip seems pretty obvious, but hey, we’re here to just remind you the little things. Keep that tree well watered. Make sure the bottom of the tree is freshly cut before placing it in your stand. And no, those tree watering myths (pouring Sprite in the water or adding Advil to the water) aren’t proven to work.

2. Close off the heat vent if your tree stands under a vent.

We know it can get chilly during the winter. But, your tree is not going to like sitting directly under the heater. Just close it off, so your tree doesn’t dry out.

3. Keep pets away from the tree.

You love your pets and they love messing with your tree! Keep the cat away from knocking down those beautiful decorations. Keep the pup away from pulling on the bottom branches.

4. If you have a tall tree, anchor the top of it to keep it upright.

A tall tree is beautiful, but can be a bit more precarious. Tie a rope to the top of your tree and anchor it to a nearby stairway post. This keeps your kiddos and doggos from knocking it over.

5. Safety first: don’t leave your tree lights on for 24 hours.

No one in the house is going to admire those twinkling Christmas tree lights while you’re all asleep. Remember to switch off the lights before you head to bed. A dry tree and hot lights could be a dangerous combination.

Be careful where you place your Candy Canes too. Be sure to try some new flavors for a nice surprise. We did The Great Candy Cane Taste Test with different flavors.

Visiting the evergreen dream of Christmas tree farms

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