Back again! KFC Chicken and Waffles

It looks like the quintessential favorite of Chicken and Waffles is back at KFC restaurants nationwide. Enjoy the sweet and savory combination. You’ll eat the Colonel’s extra crispy fried chicken over a Belgian-styled waffle. Expect a sweeter and doughier version of the waffle than what we’re used to. On top of the chicken and waffles will be maple-flavored syrup from none other than Mrs. Butterworth’s. According to their website, it’s “The Greatest Love Story Ever.”

You will have several options to choose from when ordering. $5.49 will get you a breast fillet, two-piece thigh and drum or three-piece tenders with one waffle and a side of syrup. $7.99 will get you a Big Basket Meal. If you desire this in sandwich form, it will cost you $5.99. The combo meal will set you back $7.99.

KFC Chicken and Waffles

Photo courtesy: KFC

You have a limited time to fill up. Will 56 foot chicken signs be next?

Grab some ice cold Coke to go with it.