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Is the Strand Theatre Haunted?!

Is the State Theatre of Louisiana Haunted?

Shreveport is no stranger to ‘haunted’ places… It is Louisiana after all. The Bayou State is known for Voodoo, above-ground cemeteries and local legends like the Rougarou. Ghost enthusiasts can visit plenty of places throughout the state that claim to be haunted. When Ghost Hunters visited the Ark-La-Tex, they spent time inside the Caddo Parish Courthouse and the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. But is that Shreveport’s only ghost-filled theater? Maybe not.

The Strand Theatre – Haunted?

The Strand Theatre

For nearly 100 years, people have called The Strand Theatre many names. “The State Theatre of Louisiana”, the old “Movie Palace,” and the “Gem of Downtown.” Would “Casper’s favorite place to see a concert” be that much more of a stretch? According to the Jenifer Hill, Executive Director, it’s not out of the question.

“We had a group of paranormal people come down here,” said Hill. “They stayed till about midnight… And they swore up and down there are all kinds of dead people in here.”

The group visited during the long period of time the theatre was closed at the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic. They came after a strange encounter Hill experienced alone in the theatre’s “Founders Room.” That room houses large photos of The Strand’s three founders that are suspended by hooks that aren’t easily removable. According to Hill, one portrait belonging to the Shreveport Times journalist Jim Montgomery, was found more than ten feet away from its resting place lying face down on the floor.

It’s spooky to hear Jenifer tell the tale. Click the video above to hear the story in her words.

She’s not alone. Other workers, performers and patrons have similar stories of their own. Considering the building is coming up on its 100-year anniversary, it’s understandable that there are a few ghost stories that have gained fame.

Have you experienced a spooky moment in the “State Theatre of Louisiana?” Or what about another “haunted” spot in the Ark-La-Tex? Let us know!

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