Homer honors it’s history at the Herbert S. Ford Memorial Museum

In downtown Homer, discover the rich history of North Louisiana Hill Country.

Across from the antebellum courthouse in downtown Homer is a place that showcases the history of Claiborne Parish and North Louisiana. The Herbert S. Ford Memorial Museum contains over 8,000 square feet of curated exhibits. Originally, the building housed the posh Claiborne Hotel (you can still see a room with original doors, floor and furniture from the 1890s today). Over the years it changed into a home, Maritzky’s clothing store and in the 1980s became the museum you can visit today. You can easily spend hours wandering through and seeing the incredible amount of history.

On the ground floor…

Start your tour seeing artifacts from the Native American Caddo tribe including pottery dating back to 900 A.D. and a dug out canoe that archaeologists unearthed near the Sabine River. Travel on to see life back in the days of the pioneers. A cabin built in 1860 that belonged to the Green family of Haynesville has been rebuilt inside the museum. Continue your walk through history when you see the impacts of the Civil War, the railroad and the discovery of oil had on the region.

Herbert S. Ford Memorial

On the second floor of the Herbert Ford Memorial Museum…

Go up the stairs to see even more exhibits. One of the highlights is the 1925 Model T Depot Hack. Behind the truck sits one of the newest exhibits, the 1870 parlor. Another room not to miss is the Military Room. It honors many of the local men and women who served in the armed forces. Other rooms include highlights of education in Claiborne Parish, a doctor’s office from the past, an early general store, a tribute to Maritzky’s and more.

Herbert S. Ford Memorial
The Military Room

The Herbert Ford Memorial Museum opens on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 519 South Main Street from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Tours are available. Admission is $3 for adults, $1 for children and $5 for a family. Click here to visit their website.

While your exploring, you might run into James Bythal Knighton.

Hear some of the ghost stories associated with the Hotel Claiborne as well.

The haunted hotel of Homer