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Here’s some party tips and creative ideas for the 4th of July

Here’s a list of important party tips and creative ideas to follow during the Independence Day holiday.

Party Ideas

  • Looking to be creative, try out some red, white and blue nail art.
  • Get into the holiday spirit with red, white and blue banners.
  • Napkin rings with white stars, blue napkins and red Tupperware.
  • Get resourceful with plastic cup twirlers.
  • Custom American Flag: made with blueberries (40), use strawberries and vanilla cream over a chocolate brownie.

Red, White & Blue Brownies

Grilling Safety Tips

  • Before starting check gas grill for holes, leaks and cracks.
  • Be sure to keep young children away from grills.
  • Don’t grill indoors or in a garage.
  • Remember to keep grills at least two feet away or more from decks and other outdoor equipment.

Firework Safety Tips

  • Make sure using fireworks are within the legal realm of the law.
  • Be sure to have parents supervise children when around of near fireworks activities.
  • Accidents can happen, if it does keep a bucket of cold water just in case.
  • The Shreveport Police Department has a few more helpful tips here.
  • Remember your furry friends, use caution around animals when using or in the presence of fireworks. Instead, if your inside during the fireworks exhibition,  you can play music or turn on the TV to distract animals from the noise. Find more tips here.

4th of July fireworks celebrations in the Ark-La-Tex