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Ten graduation gifts under $100

Looking for ten graduation gifts under $100 to get your family member, friend, or that special someone for graduation?  We have you covered with a list of great gift ideas to get that high school or college graduate.


1. Laptop

Now I know what you’re thinking, laptops are not under $100.  True, but Microsoft and Apple have great discounts and plans for students going to or in college that you can pay on only for a year that are under $100.  An investment in a laptop for high school seniors going to college is a great idea because they will use it plenty of times throughout school.  Click here for Microsoft products and here for Apple products. There is also help for low income families to purchase laptops and desktops for students. Click here for info.

2.  Portable Charger

If the high school grad is planning on going to college, they will definitely need to have to portable charger because they will be on the go throughout the day.  Especially with tasks like studying, going to class, doing after school activities and hanging out with friends.  The charger will certainly come in handy.

3. Versatile Backpack

From freshman year to senior year of high school, more than likely students do not get new backpacks every year.  So a great grad gift would be a new backpack, but not just any backpack but one that can be used for multiple functions. When juggling books, laptops, binders, snacks, etc… they would need a backpack that is lightweight and durable to last through college if the high school grad chooses to go.  Great brands that sell these inexpensive backpacks are Herschel, JanSport, and North Face.  For those who online shop, Amazon is a great place to get these and an alternative would be a gift card.

4. Keurig or Kettle Makers

It is an exciting time for graduating high school seniors and if the grad’s plans are to go to college, it is tough an they will surely want a pick me up or remedy.  A Keurig or kettle maker will do the trick because through long nights of studying and early mornings, coffee will give them that boost.  If they are a tea drinker then a kettle maker is a great gift to produce hot water and soak their tea to relax or get that caffeine for energy.

5. Huge Laundry Bag

When graduating high school and being on their own, that high school senior must do many tasks on their own and one of those tasks will be laundry; if they weren’t doing it already. A huge laundry bag or basket will be a great graduation gift to get that senior prepared for college, if they choose to go.  It is an investment that is not only inexpensive but will last them the duration of their time in school.


1. Smartwatch

For a college graduate, having a smartwatch is essential to have to go out to the workforce for that future employer.  Studies say that some employers actually look to see if you have a watch on in the interview because it shows that you are responsible and manage your time well.

2. Luggage

Some college graduates know what they are going to do after college and sometimes have a job in a city not where they are currently going to school.  A great gift would be luggage for those traveling on business for interviews or that next job.  It is also a lifelong investment for years down the road.

3. Steamer

Most college grads, when they get out of school, go seek employment if they do not have a job lined up already. A steamer would be a great gift because they can use it to steam a nice dress shirt and pants or a dress for an interview.  In addition, it can be used for a clean iron look at a professional work environment and is in general a great contribution to looking your best on a budget after leaving college life.

4. Financial/Budgeting Books

After hopefully graduating college, a book on how to manage money for the future will definitely be beneficial stepping into the adult world.  Even though this is not the most exciting gift, if used seriously and properly, it could make that college senior economically responsible for the years to come.

5. MONEY!!!

Now cash is not a tangible gift per say, but any college grad or anyone period would love to have cash to do what they please in their future endeavors.  Money can be helpfully for college graduates who are continuing to go to grad school and would like that expansion in their finances.  In addition, gift cards to places like Walmart, Target, Ikea, etc… will suffice.

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