Go Green and Keep Your Community Clean

Go green, Ark-La-Tex!

Go Green and help your community! 

Shreveport Green’s vision statement  is to improve the natural environment of Shreveport  and empower citizens to make the city economically viable by improving its environment.

Anyone can work to make their community greener, healthier, cleaner and prettier.

Why is it important to care for the Environment? 

“Our environment is all around us, it’s the air we breath, the water we drink, the land we stand on. Without it, we would be nothing. We would be miserable, uncomfortable and very sick. We need to take care of our environment , neighborhood forests , our yards, homes including our water ways lakes , and rivers.”

What are some common everyday things people do that harm the environment, that they may be unaware of?

“Something people do everyday that harms the environment is when they cut their yards, they blow their grass clippings into the street. They’re getting rid of it off of their property and blowing it onto city property, which is public space. But they’re doing even more than that. When they blow their yard clippings and the leaves from the trees into the street, it gets caught in the storm drains. And when it rains, the rain will carry any left over debris in the street and into the storm drain which can cause street flooding. Shreveport does have a water treatment plant but it cant catch everything. And anything that is not caught by the city’s water treatment plant goes into Cross lake which is Shreveport’s source of drinking water.”


Here are some more tips to help the environment around you:

  • turn off lights when your not in the room.
  • stop running water while brushing your teeth and washing the dishes
  • turn your computers off when they’re not in use
  • lower your thermostat when your going to be away from your house for more than 3 hours
  • close your curtain and blinds in the summer to save on energy
  • water your lawn early in the morning before 7 A.M. or late at night after 7 P.M.

Why is caring for the environment not heavily emphasized ?

The environment means a lot to different people. Analyze your priorities, and ask yourself are they getting in the way of you doing the little things of helping the environment around you? Cassaundra says everyone needs to learn how to value water, clean air and the land we live on. Teaching people not to litter or to throw trash, or chemical waste on to the ground is monumental. “If you want to help the environment, our neighborhoods, our city, the planet, don’t litter, don’t pour chemicals onto the ground and don’t over fertilize your lawn.” “The next time it rains the fertilizer runs off of your lawn and into the street and then into the city’s storm drains .”

If everyone:

  • saves electrical energy
  • saves valuable water
  • stops littering

Those three things alone can improve our environment dramatically. Your school, your home, your job, your back yard ,your neighborhood. That’s all your environment. Cassaundra says she wants people to appreciate the only liveable planet where human life can exist . We either use it properly or we’ll lose it.

Where can you recycle ? 

If you go to the grocery store and you use plastic shopping bags, RECYCLE! Plastic bags never bio degrade. An easy place to drop off your recyclables is at any Walmart or Kroger location. Both stores have recycling bins at their entrance and exit points of their stores.

Get out and clean your community !

Shreveport Green has over 30 neighborhood associations in Shreveport who are always cleaning, planting flowers or being proactive to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods are where we live and the planet is our home. It is important to take care of your little spot of earth. If there is litter pick it up, plant more trees because they help clean our air. Buy what you need, so you don’t have to throw it away later. Recycle where you can, save electricity, save water. Start at home, then at school, then at work, then in your city and that will help our planet.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle !


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