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Geauxing crazy for crawfish

Many of us love to eat mudbugs. Our friends at The Louisiana Weekend go behind the scenes at a crawfish farm.

Many in the Ark-La-Tex go crazy for crawfish. Call ’em what you will: crayfish, crawdads, yabbies, or mudbugs. These delectable crustaceans are a staple of Cajun cuisine. Louisiana supplies over 90% of the crawfish harvested in the United States. Most of it consumed right here. Probably the most famous recipe for the critter is a crawfish boil. There’s even a dish called Crawfish Beignets. There’s even the Mudbug Madness every Memorial Day weekend in Shreveport. There’s even a good Shreveport vineyard, Heart Gates, that produces a good wine that pairs well with crawfish. We suggest a semi sweet wine.

Ever thought of them as pets? Many do and the mudbugs do well in freshwater aquariums. They like to eat shrimp pellets, various vegetables, fish food, algae wafers and some small fish.

Mudbugs and crawfish have inspired many in arts, businesses, and sports. You can’t go to a festival in Louisiana without seeing a crawfish on a painting or part of a Fleur de Lis logo. The mascot for KPLC in Lake Charles is a crawfish. And some mighty big mudbugs have their home at George’s Pond in Shreveport. I’m referring to the 2018 North American Hockey League Champion Shreveport Mudbugs. Claw’d and Lil Bugger entertain the fans.

As we await the next crawfish season, appreciate these delicious little lobsters and look for new ways to cook them.