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9 Wild and Fun Floats for the Pool

Command the pool!

Ditch the pool noodles and the boring blow up pool floats. Hit the pool in style this year with one or more of these fun and wild pool floats.

Pool Punisher

Take command of the pool with your very own tank.  The Pool Punisher is five feet long and is equipped with a built in water cannon that can shoot water up to 50 feet.

This new pool floatie is so popular, you might have to wait until August if you order it at the end of May.

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Ice Dragon Float

Two people can ‘ride’ on the back of the ice dragon. The float also comes with a bonus Ice Dragon Drink Float for your beverage.

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Member's Mark Airplane Island

“In the event of a water landing, this can be used as a flotation device.”

You can say this as many times as you want when you launch this out on to the water. Six people can relax on this floaty.

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Llama Pool Float

No drama here. Just a llama. This bright and colorful float has handles along the neck so you can ride on it or lean against the neck to chill out.

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FUNBOY Golf Cart

Usually a golf cart in water is a recipe for disaster but this is the exception. Two people can stretch out and dream of hitting the greens while on the blue water. The sunshade can be removed.

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'Great White Bite' Shark Float

It’s okay to go into the water with this float. It’s made of vinyl. Good luck trying to sneak up on anyone though.

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bull float Fun fashionable floats


Ride ’em cowboy!

When we saw this, we did a double take. This isn’t so much for relaxing but you can get on the bull and your friends will grab on to the handles and try to throw you from the bull. Can you last longer than eight seconds?

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Cabana Lounger

FUNBOY Bali Cabana Lounger

Throw some shade in the pool!

Lounge on the water with this floating cabana. The integrated shade may keep the sun out of your eyes and the curved design provides ergonomic neck and back support.

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This float could be a good reminder to put on sunscreen. You don’t want to get as red (sunburned) as this float. Remember the tanning butter.

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If you’re a foodie, The Louisiana Weekend’s got you covered with their list of fun fashionable floats that are culinary-themed. And please stay safe this summer!

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