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Streetcar Snoballs – Food Truck Feast

You won't be throwing these snowballs around.

This New Orleans treat has made its way up to Northwest Louisiana thanks to Streetcar Snoballs! If you think sno-cones and snoballs are the same thing, they are not. SnoBalls are made with finely shaved ice rather than crunched up ice. Does it make that big of a difference? Yes! A SnoBall has a fluffier texture and the snow holds the syrup throughout the cup of ice. So every spoonful is packed with flavor. With snow cones, the syrup tends to sink to the bottom.

This quaint and flavorful SnoBall truck has dozens of flavors that can be a big hit at your next party. They have traditional flavors like cherry and banana but we suggest experimenting with tiger’s blood and orchid vanilla. Choose between sugar free, regular, and/or cream (containing evaporated milk). Follow Streetcar Snoballs and see where they will be next at their Facebook page.

What goes good with snoballs? We think some Ono’s Hawaiian food.