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Essential fried chicken tips

A New Orleans landmark offers some simple ways to spice up your next fried chicken.

It’s probably one of the mainstays of Southern cuisine. Many love fried chicken. Several places in the Ark-La-Tex can fry some mean poultry. But, what if you wanted to do it yourself? Kerry Seaton Stewart from Willie Mae’s Scotch House in New Orleans knows a thing or two and shares these fried chicken tips.

  1. Deep fry the chicken at 350 degrees until the chicken floats and is crispy.
  2. Use salt and pepper in the breading. For flour-based chicken, add some Cajun blend to the mix. For something different, add yellow mustard.
  3. Do not use a lot of salt when you marinade.
  4. Deep fry the chicken if you use a wet batter.

Experiment with your seasonings. You never know, you might stumble on to something amazing.

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