Easy sites to find out what states are open to travel

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s been confusing as to where you can go and which states have travel restrictions. They seem to change on a weekly basis. Especially now that the vaccine is rolling out.Some may require you to quarantine if you’re from a hot spot. Many states demand you wear a face mask or you self isolate after arrival. As the country continues to open back up, restrictions vary from state to state. Trying to find the right information can seem challenging but now a few airline sites now show the status of each state.

United Airlines now has an interactive map that shows all 50 states and their current status for reopening. You can find entry restrictions plus what’s open for things to do like museums, bars and caf├ęs, whether face coverings are required in public, social distancing and more.

From united.com on 4.20.21

Please note that the information is updated frequently but may be a few days old. With the uncertainty of the spread of the virus and the variants, things could change rather quickly. Also any changes in vaccine distribution can also affect a state.

Other airlines and Amtrak also created sites with information and links to state websites dealing with travel restrictions. Click on the names below to visit their page.

These tools can help you if you travel somewhere in the coming months even if you are not flying the friendly skies.

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