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DIY Mardi Gras Shoe Box Float

Forget standing out in crowds to see the floats... Make your own!

One of my favorite things to do is craft! Its even better when I can include my son in the activity. Here is a great DIY that you can involve your whole family using a shoe box and turning it into a float. You could easily make this into a friendly competition between family members or make it to have your own Mardi Gras parade at your house. I always like to give my float a theme and have fun with it!


Shoe box

Craft paper

2 Wood skewers

2 Straws

4 Bottle caps


Glue (I used hot glue so it would dry fast but can definitely use craft glue especially if you have little ones around)

Mardi Gras beads

anything you want to use for decoration


First, Glue the lid to the back of the shoe box. Then, cut the skewer so it sticks out of both sides of the straw and glue a bottle cap to one end of the skewer. Glue straw to the bottom of the show box.

Next, put the skewer through the straw and glue on the other bottle cap (repeat so you have 2 sets of wheels). Cut craft paper to cover the shoe box and glue on the box. Now, decorate using whatever you want! (This is the time to get really crafty!) Lastly, I glued some ribbon to the bottom of the float so I could pull the float.

Now let the good times roll!

DIY Shoe Box Float

I can remember making these in elementary school as a krewe (class) and we would have DIY Shoe Box Float parades around the school. This is a great craft to build fun memories. Now gather your material, put on some music and get crafty!

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