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DIY: Hummingbird Feeder

Soon the birds will flock to your porch!

A hummingbird feeder is a welcome stop for the migrating birds. KSLA Creative Director Jeffrey Goodwin gets crafty with a wine bottle and soda cans to show you how to DIY a hummingbird feeder.


Empty wine bottle with a screw cap


2 empty soda cans




Quick set epoxy glue


Red & Yellow Spray Paint




Remove cap from wine bottle. Use the screwdriver to punch a hole in the top of the cap and use scissors to expand the hole to ½ inch. Repeat the make-a-hole process at the center of one of the bottom of a soda can. Draw a line across the bottom of each can about 3/8 inch down.

Use scissors to cut off the tops of both cans. Recycle the can tops. Cut down the side of each can to the marked line then cut along the line. On the can bottom with the hole punched in the middle, make three equally spaced marks near the top edge. Cut a slit perpendicular to the edge of one of the cans and fit snugly into the other bottom. Epoxy glue the two halved together to create a water tight seal. Use more epoxy glue to secure the top of wine bottle cap to the cans where the holes will line up. You now have the bottom of the hummingbird feeder.

Let it dry according to glue directions. In the meantime, draw flower designs on the cut out walls of one of the soda cans. Cut out using scissors. Spray paint the flowers yellow and let dry. Once the cans/bottle top work has dried, drill small holes into each of the marks on the soda can. Spray the bottom of the feeder red and let dry.

Cut twine into three sections of about two yards each. Loosely tie each string around the neck of the bottle. Weave the strings together similar to a basket weave going down to the base of the bottle. Take one string from two knots and tie those together about an inch down and double knot. Repeat with a string from the next knot. Keep doing it all the way down the bottle. Once you reach the bottom, take the extra twine and loop it then tie in a secure knot to create the loop to hang the feeder.

Take each of the yellow flowers and drill holes in the center. Use the nails to apply epoxy glue to the feeder base and attach the flowers. Make sure to line up the holes and don’t cover the holes with glue. Let dry.

Fill bottle with hummingbird nectar. Take the dried feeder bottom and screw it on to the bottle.

Invert and hang it outside and let the birds enjoy! While you’re waiting for the little birds to pay you a visit, catch up on larger avian species to see where they live.

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