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Discover the great history of Harrison County

Inside this icon of Texas sits the history of Harrison County

The history of Harrison County dates back to the Caddo Indians. Learn what’s happened in Marshall, Tex. and the county at the Harrison County Historical Museum. Fittingly, the museum sits on the first floor and some of the basement of the historic 1901 Courthouse in downtown.


Executive Director Janet Cook says “We start from the time of the Caddo People…and we take you through all of our exhibits up into modern times until the 1950s.”┬áIt’s one thing to see the collection but you will see and hear the stories behind the pieces.

Another section of the museum focuses on famous people from Harrison County. See memorabilia from Olympians, George Foreman, and the famous red dress that belonged to Lady Bird Johnson. One of Cook’s favorite sections of the museum is the Global Connections. Part of the display includes the Arc of the Covenant from the local Jewish synagogue before it was torn down.

Arc of the covenant

Let the kids have fun searching for clues in the scavenger hunt. Or let their imaginations flourish in the Children’s Free Play Area. They can pretend to be on a wagon train heading through Northeast Texas or pretend to live amongst the Caddo Indians. Find the play area downstairs.

In the near future, the Steve and Penny Carlile Gallery opens to visitors. The focus of the gallery will be the service and sacrifice of those from the county who went to war. A lasting memorial in the gallery lobby features local hometown heroes.

If your admiring the view of the 1901 courthouse, make sure you check out the inside as well. See the history of Harrison County from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm on Tuesday through Friday. Saturday hours currently are from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm For ticket prices and holiday closings, click here. During the summer months, the museum proudly supports the military by being a Blue Star Museum.

A new part just opened.

Head across the street to Memorial City Hall and see the Steve & Penny Carlile Galleries. Right now there’s an exhibit of the military of Harrison County on display.

While your around Marshall, check out some coffee and donuts places.

An Icon of Texas

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