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Restaurant Cornbread So Good It Should Be Illegal

Molly McKinney gets a hands-on look at how the delicious dishes at Ma Momma’s House are made in New Orleans

While visiting New Orleans, Molly McKinney stopped by Ma Momma’s House of Cornbread, Chicken and Waffles and got a hand’s on look at how they create their delicious signature dishes. This good,  simple cornbread, cooked in a unique way in this family restaurant, comes out perfect and the butter you put on it won’t slide off.


3 c. cornmeal

4 eggs

2 c. mik

1 c. whole, fresh corn


Mix cornmeal and eggs together. Ma Momma chefs encourages dancing while mixing. Add the milk and continue to dance and mix. Finally stir in (while still shaking what yo momma gave ya) the corn. Instead of baking the mix, scoop the batter into a waffle maker! Cook until golden brown.

This good restaurant quality cornbread goes great with just about anything. And with them looking like waffles, any butter you add won’t slide off the top! Take this recipe up a notch with our Cranberry Mint recipe.

Or you can make fried chicken thighs to go with this cornbread.

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