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Celebrating 3 Years of the Ark-La-Tex Weekend! Thank You!

Well the past year did not go as planned for a lot of us. We had big plans to go out and explore the Ark-La-Tex during the summer of 2020. Instead we stayed at home doing our best to provide useful information and to keep your spirits up. Thanks to you, our viewers and readers, we had a successful year despite the pandemic. Since we launched 3 years ago in June 2018, the Ark-La-Tex Weekend produced over 1,000 stories that people all around the world viewed and read.



Tori Thomas Celebrating 2nd anniversary

Tori Thomas's Favorite Story

“Seafood on the Bayou at Orlandeaux’s Cafe”

Interviewing the owner of the longest operating black owned restaurant in the United State was very informative and a fun project to complete. Orlandeaux’s formerly known as Freeman & Harris Café’ that was founded in 1921 is a family-owned restaurant that is passed down generation after generation. Heritage, Love and Seafood is the focal point of what keeps this restaurant running and I was so happy to portray a glimpse of their story.

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Mark Klein

Mark Klein's Favorite Story

“Red River Pipe and Drums”

One thing I’m looking forward to using the ArkLaTex weekend for is to discover what’s ‘out there, somewhere’ in the ArkLaTex. There are unique people, places and activities waiting to be discovered, and this story is a great example of that!

I love the fact that if you asked someone to list 100 things they could find in Greenwood, LA… Most would never even think to include a bagpipe band! It’s so unique… So random… So ArkLaTex!

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Kaylynn Craig

Kaylynn Craig's Favorite Story

“DIY Balloon Banner”

I love to craft and celebrate any occasion so what’s better than making a balloon banner. This activity allows me to be crafty by designing with themes and colors. It also lets me celebrate friends and family. This is a super easy decoration and can be done in just a  few minutes, plus it brightens up any event space. It is fun to put together and you can bring in the family to help! We make balloon banners for every celebration.

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Robert Streeter Ark-La-Tex Weekend 3 Years

Robert Streeter's Favorite Stories

“Explore the Museum of Measurement and Time”

I love finding the hidden treasures in the area. What I thought was going to be a small museum of a few clocks, turned into a surprise at The Museum of Measurement and Time in Jefferson. Owner Johnny Ingram put together (with the help of his wife Edith) an impressive collection of American made clocks, land surveying equipment and more salt and pepper shakers than you will see EVER. The stories he told are fascinating to listen to and it is worth the time to visit.

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Where you can find us Ark-La-Tex Weekend 3 Years

Bonus Favorite Story

“Bringing the Fun to Texarkana”

The winner of the 2020 Oktoberfest Brewery Battle Challenge turned out to be a lot more fun than anticipated. Roger and Debbie Sheppard opened the brewery in the Texarkana area to help bring back the fun to a part of the city that needed it. Mission accomplished!

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