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Birthday Cake Cool Whip is the best thing for your next dessert

Perennial pie topper Cool Whip just released a new flavor: Birthday Cake. And we’re ready for it!

According to Kraft, it has a vanilla cake flavoring with a light pink color and loaded with RAINBOW SPRINKLES! The Cool Whip texture will still be there. Instagrammer thejunkgoat got his hands on the pink tub of goodness. He found his at a grocery store in the midwest.

In 2018, Cool Whip expanded into the flavored whipped topping market with it’s “Mix-ins” line. You can find Oreo and Double Chocolate Brownie. Hopefully this new Cool Whip mix-in will be available on store shelves across the country very soon. This also begs the questions, “Do you really need to have a cake to put this Cool Whip on?” and “Should I use a spoon or just plunge my face into this confection?”

This topping would go great on some Double Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes.