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Before the Web: Washington Print Museum

See how the news was distributed before Facebook, the Internet, TV, & Radio

In southwest Arkansas you will find the Washington Print Museum. It’s part of the Historic Washington State Park northwest of Hope. Step inside the red brick building and you’ll step back in time. See printing presses from the time the first local newspaper, the Washington Telegraph. Park rangers and museum staff will explain why the newspaper was so important for the community and they’ll demonstrate the techniques used for decades to spread the word from around the world. An interesting fact, most of the news printed in the newspaper were stories from across the nation. Very little local news appeared in the paper. Probably because towns were small and word spread quickly. Plus, setting up each page of a newspaper was a long and tedious process placing each letter on to the printing press. Visitors can take home prints from the presses as souvenirs.

Tours are welcome. The Washington Print Museum is opened from 8:00am-5:00pm along with the rest of the park. Find out more information on their website and check out some aerial footage of Historic Washington State Park.