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Barilla releases Spotify playlists that time your pasta

Barilla, the world’s largest manufacturer of pasta, is letting you give your egg timer a rest with a series of Spotify playlists that will time your pasta to perfection.  With mix names like “Best Song Penne” and “Melancholy Day Linguine”, these playlists are designed to be begun when you first drop the pasta into boiling water, and finish as you reach for the strainer.

Barilla Spotify playlists

There are eight playlists, with cooking times for spaghetti (9 minutes), linguine (10 minutes), penne rigate and fusilli (both 11 minutes).

The playlists are a little oddly titled and divided (Boom Bap Fusilli and Mixtape Spaghetti focus on a broad spectrum of  American and Italian hip-hop, while Simply Classics Linguine just seems to mean “songs from over 30 years ago”) but for an American home cook, it’s fun to hear Italian music acts most of us aren’t familiar with interspersed with The Beach Boys and Harry Styles.

Here are all the mixes you can find on Barilla Italia’s Spotify playlist:

  • Mixtape Spaghetti: Early 90s hip-hop.
  • Top Hits Spaghetti: Contemporary, emotional, and mostly Italian pop chart-toppers.
  • Moody Day Linguine: Coffeeshop mellow rock and pop.
  • Simply Classics Linguine: 70s and 80s art-rock.
  • Boom Bap Fusilli: Current hip-hop and rap.
  • Timeless Emotion Fusilli: Grab-bag from the 1960’s.
  • Pleasant Melancholy Penne Rigate: Upbeat, current and most indie artists.
  • Best Song Penne Rigate: Newer singles? Mostly uptempo? That’s about all the theme you’ll get.

You can up your cooking lifestyle by checking out the Barilla Spotify playlists that time your pasta here.

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